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[07/23/2009 ]

Analyze Outlook version 1.1.0 is available.

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  Analyze your Outlook folder and emails!

AnalyzeOutlook is a powerful and flexible Outlook space manager for Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003.
Know which folders are the largest in your Outlook storage system and recover Megabytes of valuable Outlook disk space.
AnalyzeOutlook shows you the absolut or procentual size, the number of items and folders in a list or in a pie chart. Furthermore you can see the sent date, the sender and the receipient of emails. In a seperate list you see how often you send email to a person or who sent you most emails.

The application has an intuitive Explorer-like user interface and is very easy to use. You can print detailed reports to a HTML file.


  • Track down Outlook space usage visually and see the size of all folders including their subfolders and break it down to item level.
  • Compare the current Outlook space with a historical snapshot of your Outlook. The differences are displayed with colors so you can see quickly what folders grew in the past.
  • Find easliy what folders are wasting valuable Outlook space
  • The visible columns can be configured. They can be selected and sorted in the settings dialogue.
  • AnalyzeOutlook supports the normal pst files, Exchange mailboxes and folders and HotMail accounts

Analyze Outlook costs 19.95 USD
and runs with Windows 2000/XP and Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003

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